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Sport Psychology Supervision

Amanda J. N. Owens MSc FRSM (Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine) Certified, Chartered & Registered AASP-CC (Association of Applied Sport Psychology).

BASES Accredited (2000 & 2006) Performance Sport Psychologist at Believe Consultancy offers a specialised Humanistic & GESTALT framework over two years to gain Supervised Experience and Gestalt & Humanistic Psychology Support Accreditation. The course program has been developed so there is a gradual increase in awareness and development of the practitioner/trainee sport psychologist over two years and concomitant levels of being an effective and proficient sport psychologist.

Sport Psychology trainees are encouraged to gain as much experience in the applied field as possible. This encourages the trainee to learn experientially which is aligned with supervisor monitoring and assistance.
The Supervised Experience and Process Awareness Training Program run by Amanda Owens offers a multi method approach covering:

  • Humanistic Counselling Techniques and Approaches & Person Centered Therapy (PCT)
  • Gestalt Counseling Psychology & Therapy Frameworks & Approaches
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques (CBT)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Social Psychology

The underlying frameworks of Gestalt and Humanistic based approaches are a necessary part of the supervised experienced program. The process of self-development and becoming an effective practitioner and sport psychologist is the requirement for self-development and understanding the ‘self' as a practitioner.
At Believe Consultancy we state that a pre-requisite to becoming an accredited & registered Sport Psychologist, is completing a recognized Humanistic Counselling course and/or Gestalt Counselling course. The program leaders offer suggestions and information regarding which counselling course would be best suited for each individual.


The program is designed so that Sport psychology Supervised Experience (SE) students are provided with EIGHT day workshops (September to May excluding December).
In addition, sport psychology trainees receive individual coaching and guidance, one-to-one tuition and students can choose the individual mentoring and supervision route over the two year supervisory experience period.

The Course Program Leader

Amanda J. N. Owens is the course leader with 16 years’ experience as a sports psychologist. There are also guest speakers and presenters who run the program. Amanda is certified, accredited and registered by the Association of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) AASP-CC & British Association of Sport And Exercise Sciences (BASES) and is a recognized, registered, Accredited and highly qualified Sport Psychologist (support) with over 16 applied Professional & Olympic, High Performance practitioner experience.

Reference for training:

Rebecca Symes Trainee Sport & Exercise Psychologist who completed the Believe Consulting BASES SE Consulting Training Program
"My journey through Supervised Experience with Believe Consulting has already been an enlightening one. All workshops are thoroughly planned and carefully thought out with precision and expertise. The wealth of knowledge that Amanda has is invaluable and there is a great deal that I am already learning and am looking forward to continuing learning from her. No question to small, no problem too big; Amanda is on hand to help out and provide guidance. Amanda provides light in an otherwise dusky tunnel as the SE process can be a daunting one. I feel it is paramount to have a supervisor you can learn from, believe in, seek advice from and have a laugh with; Amanda provides all of these things." (Rebecca Symes runs Sporting Success and is A BASES Accredited Sport Scientist and Chartered Sport Psychologist.)

*See Amanda Owens article on self-awareness in Cricket World magazine and refer to Amanda Owens Qualification and Training routes to becoming a practicing Sport & Exercise Psychologist in the UK

For more information please contact us on: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on the office number on: 0207 836 2785

*In addition please refer to William Winstone’s ‘Practitioner’s self-awareness’ Journal Article in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychologist; December 2006 issue. Amanda J. N. Owens MSc FRSM is a leading and well respected BASES sport psychologist. Amanda Owens is registered as a BASES sport psychologist (support) on the BASES Consultant Finder

The unique training process led and run by Amanda Owens enables trainee/ sport psychologist’s to explore both themselves and to enable a more in depth understanding of ‘systems’ when working with teams and organisations and one-to-one with clients. In addition, the trainee sport psychologists become more self aware and understand how they themselves function within a group or team environment. Therefore, the trainee sport psychologist can appreciate and understand the specific situational, environmental and cultural systems that the athlete/team inhabits as well as the specific and unique demands of the sport

Amanda J. N. Owens has successfully taken through the following BASES Accredited and BPS Chartered Sport Psychologists:


  • Sarah Murray BASES Accredited
  • Kathryn longshore BASES Accredited
  • Elliott Newall BASES Accredited
  • Andy Flack (BASES Accredited & UKCP & HPC Registered and Accredited)
  • Rebecca Symes (owner Sporting Success) BASES Accredited & BPS Chartered
  • Helen Bannan (Owner Personal Fitness) BASES Accredited
  • Melissa Coyle BASES Accredited
  • Joanna Yates
  • James Beale (BASES Accredited & BPS Chartered)
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