International Taekwondo Athlete
“I've worked with Amanda for about a year. I came to her seeking for help in my performance as a martial artist and ended up touching much deeper issues in my personal life which were the main problem affecting my athletic performance. I'm very grateful and extremely happy with what she helped me achieve. I've learned to manage my dreadful anxiety during training and through daily life; my self-confidence is now at a completely different level and I'm now being able to achieve my full potential. Thank you for helping me learn to control my anxiety!"

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Amanda discussing Andy Murray winning the US open

Amanda Owens Radio Interview after Andy Murrays US Open Win

Amanda discussing Andy Murrays Semi Final Win

Amanda Owens interview with Duncan Goodhew on Britain becoming a nation of winners


Sports Articles

Amanda Owens worked as the sport psychologist with Rosie Millard to complete the London Marathon, please see the articles and work below:
Articles written by Rosie Millard concerning mental preparation and providing performance psychological support/approaches to completing the London Marathon.

  • Mr and Mrs Millard run the London Marathon, January 19, 2008
  • The Times Body and Soul Feb 2008 PDF (or read online here)
  • Mr & Mrs Millard; less than a month until the London marathon 14 Mar 2008
  • Running the London Marathon/Rosie & Philip Millard. The Times 18 Apr 2008

  • Amanda Owens was the featured sport psychologist and has been published in Peak Performance. View Amanda's Peak Performance Journal articles online at Covering topics:

  • Overtraining Syndrome (UUPS)
  • Overtraining in Tennis: Using Gestalt/Humanistic techniques and How to Overcome Overtraining Syndrome (UUPS)
  • Sport Psychology - Imagery: How a Young Professional Golfer Used Imagery to Conquer his Persistent Lower Back Pain
  • How music can improve your motivation and improve your training

    Amanda Owens is the feature sport psychologist and Sport Psychology Editor of Cricket World Magazine. Please see and read the articles and magazine feature's below.

  • Concentration in Cricket 1
  • Concentration in Cricket 2
  • Health-Depression in Cricket 1
  • Health-Depression in Cricket 2
  • Psychological Response to Injury 1
  • Psychological Response to Injury 2
  • Psychological Response to Injury 3
  • Role of Emotion 1
  • Role of Emotion 2
  • How to Improve Mental Approach
  • Increasing Self Awareness
  • Mental Preparation
  • Mood and Cricket Performance Part 1
  • Mood and Cricket Performance Part 2

  • Amanda Owens has been featured as the sport psychologist within the field of Overtraining Syndrome/UPS by Dr. Richard Budgett.
    Overtraining: Here's how to Deal with a New Problem - The 'Unexplained Underperformance Syndrome'

    Amanda Owens featured recently in the Richmond & Twickenham Times
    Concerning Mental Preparation in Sport: The Role of Sport Psychology and its Relationships to Performance

    You can view and listen to Amanda's media and press coverage at

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