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Business Training

Believe Consulting Business Change Model

'Be inspired to lead, create & enable change'

Amanda J. N. Owens provides bespoke one to one coaching, specific workshops, Training, Change Management, Individual & Team Awareness Training, Team Development as well as Bespoke Leadership Effectiveness Programmes for Blue Chip Companies which are all client centred.

We at Believe Consulting are, about wanting to understand your specific company needs. We want to understand your specific culture & systems; so that change, improved employee performance and overall company performance can occur and your vision achieved.

Amanda J. N. Owens assesses the unique client system and culture which enables Teams & Organisations to experience and see tangible, noticeable behavioural differences. Clients/organizations can relate and visibly see personal as well as organizational measurable outcomes leading to excellence; In addition, improved organisational performance, communication and relationships.

Believe Consulting use a FOUR step model of change:


Stage 1
Interviews/understanding you. One to One reports and monitoring.
Stage 2
Understanding the situation/assessing and noticing the organisations unique systems (meetings / team interactions / social / task / groups / individuals / units / teams).
Understanding how individuals and teams / executives work under pressure.
Assessing the individual needs of the specific cultures and different teams within the organisation.
Stage 3
Living in the system: participant observations / behavioural assessments and team meeting and team behavioural patterns and observations. Specific behavioural patterns identified and behavioural and organisational map identified.
Stage 4
Implementing new behaviours and communication systems for improved performance, relationships and communication as well as leadership effectiveness.


(The above model is taken from, E. Nevis, (2005) Gestalt Organizational Approaches).

The above FOUR Step plan enables individuals, organisations and specific systems to create sustainable lasting change by forging better relationships, improved communication and improved overall measurable company/employee performance.

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