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Our Mission

At Believe Consulting all of the techniques, time and effort that is spent with our clients is focused around our mission to achieve excellence:

“To inspire and enable our clients to realise, develop and sustain their potential through positive behavioural change."



Mark Ramprakash 

"What does it take to get to the top? For a long time sports stars relied very heavily on natural talent to win them that trophy or tournament. In modern times the competition has been so intense, so close that everyone looks for an edge. A hard work ethic combined with a good lifestyle and the right nutrition can definitely help. Mental toughness (which can be learnt) in match situations can be the deciding factor in crossing the finishing line first. Many times in my career I've called upon mental techniques to get me through difficult phases of the game."

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Amanda Owens MSc, Registered AASP (Association of Applied Sport Psychology). BASES Accredited Sport Psychologist, this is regarded as the highest qualification within the field of sport psychology and is internationally recognised. Accreditation is achieved over three years of rigorous, supervised experience and CPD to attain the required levels of competency and expertise (stipulated and regulated by the professional governing body BASES). With over 19 years of applied experience utilising effective sport psychology techniques in both sporting and business environments. Amanda  is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Amanda Owens and her Associate Sport Psychologists and Executive Business Coaches at Believe Consulting offer a unique and effective style of Humanistic and Gestalt Sport Psychology approaches that have a proven history of achieving our mission with flourishing and professional sports people and teams.

Amanda provides clients with a personalised programme that enables direct performance improvements which value's the athlete as a human being to appreciate 'being an individual' whilst simultaneously being a member of a group/team. This results in a far greater appreciation of awareness of the person emotionally and behaviourally. It also enables a clearer understanding of present thinking patterns, perceptions and attitudes within the organisational system and team culture which affect performance and relationships which creates and leads to excellence.

Clients of Amanda Owens, at Believe Consulting, have reported significant benefits that can be seen and experienced in a variety of ways.

An example of these are:

  • • Understanding self and others
  • • Anger management
  • • Underperformance management (dealing with unexplained dips in performance)
  • • Mood management and affects upon performance
  • • Dealing with UUPS (Overtraining Syndrome; knowing how to train effectively, individualised holistic rest and recovery programmes)
  • • Individual and team preparation
  • • Improving Communication between coach and athlete and within the system/organisation.
  • • Psychological support for injury (being mentally as well as physically fit) and assisting the healing/recovery process.
  • • Transformational Leadership
  • • Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • • Identifying and reducing Organisational Stress

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