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Business Consultancy

Believe Consulting utilises and applies a unique and effective style of Executive Business Performance Coaching which has a proven history of achieving our mission with all members of staff from entry level to Senior Management Professionals. We also work with CEO’s and Board Directors.

Amanda Owens and associates specialise in Gestalt and integrative Executive Business Coaching techniques that provide clients with an personalised programme that is specific to individual requirements to enable direct performance improvements. The approaches are unique and client centred, highlighting the importance of a personal approach to meet the specific needs of the client. This enables the client to be more aware of their core needs so change can occur and their vision achieved.


Believe Consulting works in partnership with 'Inside Out'

Amanda Owens brings her 19 years’ experience working in both professional, Olympic team and individual sports into her current company. Amanda uses the latest approaches and technologies with her clients and this can be seen in a variety of different ways. Previously clients have reported a number of different benefits from sessions with Believe Consulting.

A selection of the services available to our clients are:

• Leadership training
• Long term sustainable habit changes
• Change management
• Leadership effectiveness training
• Developing highly effective leadership skills
• Being a leader & developing leaders around you
• Ability to influence and manage effectively
• Easy adaptation to change
• Improved self awareness and awareness of others
• Building resilient confidence
• Understanding of stress
• Reducing stress in the workplace
• Understanding differences and perceptions
• People skills, effective communication and listening.
• Coping with pressure and reducing burnout
• Change management and cultural change adaptation skills
• Increased emotional control (EQ)
• Motivational Interviewing (MI)
• Better understanding of 'team dynamics' and understanding of ‘how a team works’
• Interview and meeting preparation.
• Emotional Intelligence.


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Amanda Owens Business Executive Coaching past and current clients include

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