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"It has been a great pleasure to work with Amanda Owens. Sport Psychology is an interest of mine and crucial to the mental strength of elite sportsmen and women. It is no coincidence that Surrey's wicket keeper/batsman Jon Batty became a player of stature within the county game after working with Amanda. I have also enjoyed working with her in trying to unlock the self-confidence and belief in some of the more diffident members of our Academy intake. It is really exciting to witness the change of attitude, performance and expectation brought about by Amanda's confidence boosting visualisation sessions. An encounter with a sport psychologist had a profound effect on my career and I believe that Believe consulting can do the same for the current generation."

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Sport Psychology Consultancy

Sport Psychology

At Believe Consulting we focus on establishing and meeting the needs of the client whether it is an individual athlete or team. All of the sport psychology techniques/strategies are based on Humanistic & Gestalt principles, this allows a better understanding of the individual nature and experiences of the athlete. This approach enables getting the bigger picture of the athlete’s situation and is client centred.

Amanda Owens and associates develop and provides individualised and specialised sport psychology, psychological techniques, strategies; to improve awareness of the athlete and others (the team or management) that ultimately improves performance.

At Believe Consulting we provide both individual and team sessions to tackle:

• Change management (smooth transition of change of coach/playing staff/support staff and board members) aligning vision and mission of player and management.
• Conflict management
• Individual and Team Awareness training (understanding individual differences).
• Team dynamics (creating team spirit)
• Cultural change
• Emotional profiling (accessing your optimal performance state)
• Changing habits and behaviour (better lifestyle management).
• Understanding self and others
• Anger management
• Underperformance management (dealing with unexplained dips in performance)
• Mood management and affects upon performance
• Dealing with UUPS (Overtraining syndrome; knowing how to train effectively and understand about individualised holistic rest and recovery programmes).
• Individual and team preparation
• Improving Communication between coach and athlete and within the SYSTEM/organisation.
• Anxiety and stress management.
•How to reduce burnout and preventative measures for athlete burnout.
•Reducing Stress & Burnout in the workplace.
• Psychological support for injury (being mentally as well as well physically fit) and assisting the healing/recovery process.
• Transformational leadership
• Developing Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Identifying and reducing organizational stress


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