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"I went to Amanda for help with my batting, which was stuck in a rut. Amanda has really helped me in becoming aware of unhelpful thought processes while batting and working on a positive ‘mental routine’. She is enthusiastic and approachable, and her tips and methods have been very effective. I would definitely recommend Amanda."

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Don’t stumble at the Start Gate: 10 Tips for Recruiters and Candidates to Achieve a Podium Job.


Tuning into Me the Recruiter

Tuning into Me the Candidate

Tuning into the Mood

Choosing the right Environment:

Is it noisy? Is it comfortable? Is it the right atmosphere?

How can you have a confidential conversation?

How can you build trust?

Tuning into my aim

Tuning into the aim of my company

What is the purpose of the meeting? Hire, meet, tick a box (quota)?

What are the company’s ethos, value and integrity?

Getting to know the candidate (NOT just reading a CV).

Who is the candidate?

What is my aim in meeting with the candidate?

What am I looking for in an ideal candidate?

What more do I want to know about the candidate from the interview that their CV and cover letter haven’t told me?


Motivational Interviewing (MI)

What are my assumptions?

How can I be inspirational?

How can I make an impact?

How can I explore the candidate’s motivations?

What is my motivation for interviewing the candidate?

Is the candidate mirroring the recruiter and vice versa?

How can I ensure an understanding of the candidate?

How can I place the candidate in the right position for them?

How can the candidate be an asset to the system?



What interests you about the candidate?

How does the candidate fit in with my personal recruitment philosophy and criteria?

How does the candidate fit in with my company’s recruitment philosophy and criteria?

How can I be congruent and authentic?

How am I exhibiting unconditional positive regard?



What mood am I in to conduct this interview?

What are my immediate reactions?

What am I noticing about my body language (tense, relaxed)?

What am I noticing about the candidate’s body language look like?

What do I need to find out about this candidate?

Unpeeling the onion – Who is the candidate? Who am I?

How has the candidate been challenging? How many questions have they asked?

How have I been challenging as the recruiter?

How do I feel about this candidate?

What am I noticing about my immediate reactions?

What do I notice about the candidate’s passion for the role?

How am I retaining the information?

How do I know I am interested?

What am I noticing about the candidate’s engagement in the interview?



Remember it is a two way street!

How can I become a better listener?

How do I know I am listening?

How can I convey that I am listening?



How many closed questions am I asking? (Are you interested in the position? Evoking a YES or NO response.)

How many open questions am I asking? (E.g., What did you enjoy about your last job? What challenges did you overcome?) 

How can I encourage what the candidate is NOT saying?

How many times have I interrupted?

What is the percentage I am talking versus the candidate is talking?



What am I noticing about the tone of the candidate?

What am I noticing about my tone as the recruiter (Disinterested, happy, nervous)?



How am I relaying information back to the client (restating, using candidate language)?

What kind of language is the candidate using (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, 3rd person)?

What kind of language am I using as the recruiter (auditory, visual, kinaesthetic, 3rd person)?


Values & Beliefs

What kind of values and beliefs does the candidate have?

How can I explore the candidate’s values and beliefs?



What am I noticing about my body language? The candidate’s body language?

What do I notice about my behavioural responses?

What do I notice about the candidate’s behavioural responses?

How can I change my behavioural responses?

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