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"I went to Amanda for help with my batting, which was stuck in a rut. Amanda has really helped me in becoming aware of unhelpful thought processes while batting and working on a positive ‘mental routine’. She is enthusiastic and approachable, and her tips and methods have been very effective. I would definitely recommend Amanda."

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‘Time Outs’ & ‘Pit Stops’:Pushing the pause button to improve work performance

‘ Time outs and pit stops’

How many of us, stop, reflect and take ‘think weeks’ to be more creative and allow us, ‘ourselves’, to slow down in order to speed up?  By Pushing the ‘pause’ button individuals and teams can  improve work and personal performance- significantly.

Bill Gates is as an example who applies and requests a ‘think week’ taking himself to a retreat once every spring and every fall, taking with him ideas submitted by microsoft employee’s and mulling over the ideas in a relaxed and conducive environment.

Another example is the forward thinking and implementation of company ‘Pit stops’ by Hilti, the Liechtenstein based building products . This company introduced a ‘Two day’ ‘ Team Camp’ to re-energise and provide personal ‘pit stops”. (Harvard Business Review, April 2010).

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